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Birthdate:Sep 26
Location:United States of America
longtime_lurker at livejournal. nice to see you here. :D

Interests (150):

a perfect circle, academic burnout, altered states of consciousness, androgyny, ani difranco, anne of green gables, anne sexton, anonymous, antiracism, archetypes, atmosphere, badfic, blissful solitude, body dysmorphia, brendon urie's applebottom, bright eyes, bruce springsteen, caffeine dependency, calvin & hobbes, camwhoring, cat power, celtic twilight, charter magic, chuck palahniuk, compartmentalization, cooking, creature features, critical patriotism, cyberpunk, dar williams, death cab for cutie, disaster movies, donnie darko, doucherock, dylan thomas, dylan/beatles smoking sessions, dystopian lit, e-stalking the semifamous, e.e. cummings, eighties pop, eminem, escapism, eucatastrophe, failing at adulthood, fairytales, fandom is fucking funny, feminism, film noir, fiona apple, first crush: han solo, first crush: spock, flannery o'connor, garbage, genderfuck, gerard way saves lives, getting my squee on, guilty pleasures, hoodies, humor as survival mechanism, immortal technique, inappropriately sexualizing rorschach, inept flirting, introversion, iron & wine, janis ian, jigsaw puzzles, johnny cash, joshua bell, juvenile humor, leftism, leonard cohen, lgbt rights, libraries, linguistics, lovecraft, lupe fiasco, madonna/dolly parton otp, massive attack, memorization, miyazaki, moomins, moping to elliott smith, moulin rouge, musicals, nick cave, obsessions and compulsions, overdoing it, patrick wolf, people-watching, pink floyd, placebo, poe (the author), poe (the singer), portishead, progressive christianity, quotable quotes, r.e.m. (the band), r.e.m. (the sleep stage), radiohead, random capslock, rasputina, redwall, rilo kiley, ryan "feymo" evans, ryan ross's fingers, sandman, scene queens, self-sabotage, sex positivity, shakespearean tragedies, shostakovich, simon & garfunkel, sir thomas moar, sleater-kinney, sleeping to massive attack, sneaker pimps, stars (the band), stars (the celestial bodies), stephen king, sufjan stevens, sylvia plath, symphony of sorrowful songs, tarantino, tea, techno remixes, tennyson, terminal otp-ing, terrible manips, the arcade fire, the chronicles of narnia, the decemberists, the dresden dolls, the killers, the pretenders, the smiths, the waste land, the yeah yeah yeahs, tim burton, tolkien, too much eyeliner, trainwreck syndrome, trashy romance novels, travel on a shoestring, tupac, vampires & zombies, victoriana, weltschmerz, wentzpeen, worshipping tori amos, yo la tengo
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